Congratulations you have become the proud owners of a bouncing puppy! One of the first things you are going to want to teach him, before you even have a name for him, is to go outside to relieve himself instead of in the house. This is not a difficult task with most dogs, since a dog is happiest when he is pleasing you. Your biggest task will be to let him know you are pleased when he goes outside, not inside.

Accidents will happen, so make sure you put plenty of paper down, and be prepared to clean the mess up as soon as possible. When your puppy does have an accident, don't hit him. This will not let him know what he did wrong. What will help is show him, and tell him no very firmly, then take him outside, and show him where to go. When you get outside praise him and pet him lavishly when he goes.

This will help him learn to wait until he goes out. Remember though that puppies have small bladders, just like small children. Take him outside frequently. Every two or three hours if possible. If you do have to leave him inside for longer then put him in a small area, such as a laundry room, small bathroom, or mud room.

Leave your puppy's food and water along with a few toys, and his bed in this area. Most dogs will not soil their beds, so this will encourage your dog to wait for you to return and let him out to go. As soon as you return, put him out and praise him generously when he goes.

Try to avoid getting your puppy excited when he is in the house. Many puppies wet when they get excited, so if you can avoid getting him excited when he is inside you will cut down on the number of accidents.

If you are patient, it shouldn't take very long at all before the puppy is asking to go out, and not having accidents in the house. A firm no for an accident, and immediately going outside, warm praise for going outside, and your puppy will learn quickly what pleases you. If you are pleased he will be happy.